Brand your Backside and Catapult your Business to New Heights!

In today's ever-changing competitive environment, a number of challenges face small to medium sized companies.
One of these challenges is standing out in an over-saturated market with a corporate brand that sets your business apart from many lookalikes.

Do you want to re-launch your company with a new, fresh, corporate feel; aiming your sights on brand recognition, but are unsure how?

Whether your business is a new organisation and still trying to find its feet, or you simply want to inject some life into your existing businesses look with something a little more current and trendy, then we are looking for you! Our cutting-edge design team will provide you with strong, sophisticated visual stationery that will enhance the brand image of your business. This may not seem like much but in a world full of `nothing brands`; recognition itself can give you the credibility and the competitive edge to catapult your business to new heights.

So what is corporate identity and what is all the fuss about?
Corporate identity is the visual representation of your organisation. It is the visual means by which businesses and clients alike can recognise your unique products and services in the market.

Like a fitted tuxedo, a corporate image `dresses` your business up.
It is the physical expression of the company's brand and great branding is the best way to make a superior impression. Whether you are sending a proposal on corporate letterheads, handing your business card to a prospective client or simply branding your vehicle and driving it on the busiest highway, you are exposing your corporate identity. Any material with your corporate identity on it contributes in giving a professional and reputable image, making itself distinct through the representation that it presents to the world.

Managing your corporate identity is a very serious business for us.
We offer our clients authentic and inspired design work that is worth getting excited about.

We individualize packages designed to suit your business needs by incorporating:
- Logo Design
- Letterheads
- Business Cards
- Email Signatures
- Complimentary Slips
- Brochures
- And any other marketing material you can think of.

Your corporate identity is more than just your logo applied to promotional material. It is the use of colours, shapes and hints from your brand to make your company instantly recognizable, driving your audience to action.

We work extensively with you to launch distinctive, impressive corporate stationery that visually represent everything your company stands for. It is important to us that we make sure that it is perfectly aligned with your company and projects the right image for your business. We aim to get your company literally everywhere; on the lips of your customers, prospective new clients and even your competition - igniting your revenue one business card at a time!

With quality-driven staff with years of experience in the fields of Visual Communication, Print and Multimedia.
Jasper Consultants' Design Department is geared to offer professional Graphic Design and expert advice with regards to your corporate branding and advertising requirements.
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