An advertisement that is no longer one:

What do internet users want today are more immersive formats which is adapted to what they are looking for and which do not interrupt their browsing. Social advertising, proposed by Facebook on its network meets all these requirements. Facebook and other social networks are developing it more and more and these advertisements therefore have the advantage of being targeted.

The advantages of Facebook Ads:

1: To develop your visibility!

If you have created a Facebook page you know that the organic reach of your posts are limited. The reason for this is that when you post content, not many people will see it because you are competing with other businesses. Facebook is a place to go to when you want to relax and you don't want to go shopping and Facebooks algorithm will always offer you the posts you and to see first so you do not have to see the promotional posts first.

2: To benefit from very powerful targeting criteria

Facebook offers you very powerful targeting criteria to define your audience:

  • Very fine geolocation up to 1 km around your business or point of sale
  • Gender, age group, language
  • Socio-professional categories
  • centre of interest (pages already liked)
  • behaviours (birthdays, recent trips)

This targeting will allow you to optimize your advertising investments as much as possible by sending your message only to people likely to find it most interesting. And even if people don't click, they'll see your ad multiple times and remember it.

3: test different ads

Facebook Ads has the huge advantage of being able to do A / B testing in real time. Whether you run one or more ads, it won't cost you more, so take the opportunity to multiply visual creations and test which works best with your audience.

An advertiser who only sponsors one or two creations is missing out on the opportunity to be able to fully utilize the full power of Facebook's algorithm.


Facebook Ads is usually used for small to medium businesses who want to grow and make themselves known. You will no longer need to be a bug brand in order to reach these thousands of people, with social networks it is possible.