Why Now?

SSL has been around for some time but why is it an issue now? Why was it not something we pushed as a saleable item before?

In short if we had sold SSL to every client, we would have cost them money with no real return.

However this has now changed. Google is driving SSL as a must and will create an impression that your client's site is not secure.

Why is Google Doing this?

the drastic increase of Cybercrime, fly by night business's and Google's quest for “better user experience” has led to them putting more emphasis on security and legitimacy than ever before.

So now we sit with a situation where Google says a site is not secure, the end user feels wary of using the site and will rather leave. As a result your clients will now suffer as a result of a small thing that simply now needs to be done, it's a small investment leading you to better client interaction as your client is able to build trust as soon as his clients land on the site.

Since Google is the most dominant player in the industry and has the most used browser in the world, we have little choice but to start selling SSL certificates with our sites.

Websites not utilising SSL will be shown as a “not secure” as a banner on the search bar next to the site address.

Secure sites will have a green padlock with secure next to the site address.

We have also seen the browser block traffic to the site and warn users that the site is potentially unsafe or not private.

To prevent this from happening one, would need to install a SSL certificate onto the site and this will not be an issue.