Why Build Links?

Links are an important part of creating a viable online presence.

Search engines and users see links to your website.
And users use these links to generate traffic to your website.
While link building can be time consuming and frustrating, traffic is always good.

Always remember that quality is better than quantity. People are less likely to click on links that lead to bad, spam-filled websites that have sub-par content.

There are many different techniques for link building for SEO. The usual way to do this is to write articles for a reputable blog site or post a straight-forward link on a good quality, relevant website.

Another way to go about building links, if you publish a blog, is to use an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication feed) to give users access to your updated content quickly and easily.
The best way to build a link is to publish your website on trusted and authoritative websites and directories such as dmoz.org. It makes sense to focus on good links from popular, high quality websites.
This will lead to better quality traffic to your website. The better the links to your website, the better your PageRank will be.

A link counts as a vote from other websites for yours. Here are a few link building tips:
› Register with free directories like Hot Frog,
› Use deep links,
› With all links, aim for quality not quantity,
› Use link baiting techniques,
› Use social networking sites,
› Offer unique giveaways and
› Create high quality, link worthy content.

Remember to have a privacy policy in place that can easily be viewed. This will make your site more trustworthy, especially if you ask for personal information (e.g. when a user fills out an online form).
To keep your page on search engines, try to avoid link farming sites. Link farming is considered black hat SEO and is frowned upon by major search engines like Google and Yahoo. These search engines will penalise your website and you will lose money and customers.