What is Social Media

Social Media is simply any way that one person interacts with another on the internet in a social way.
Name something, and it's almost guaranteed that there is a social medium out there that is based around it.

Want to share videos? Use YouTube.
Share your pictures? There's Pinterest.
Connect with friends? Try Facebook.
Be a “mini-blogger”? Tweet away on Twitter.

The list goes on and on.
The rise of social media has been almost astronomical.
That's all very well and good, but how does social media affect your business?
Social media is the best tool that you can use to market your company.
No question.
More and more people are becoming active on some form of Social Media every day, and with so many potential clients, why are you not using Social Media to market?
Forget the old-school idea of mass media and expensive radio, TV and magazine ads.
Social Media is faster, more available and more involved in your potential consumers' lives.

So how do I use social media?

Engage with your consumers.
Become a social business.

One thing that you have to remember is that using social media to market requires different strategies.
Gone are the days of sitting with an ad agency for days to work out the perfect ad that will end up not being seen.
Social media is more personal and more interactive.
The people you will be targeting are used to getting what they want now.
Information and interaction are all available at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse.
Your company and your product should be also be available that quickly.
Creating a Facebook profile, opening a Twitter account or designing a YouTube channel will all go a long way to making your business social.

Just remember:
1) Research, research, research.
Find out which social media sites will work for you and your business.
There is no point in having Twitter if you have nothing to tweet about.

2) Make it relevant.
Give your users content they can use.
Content that relates to your company.

3) Ask.
Test your social media sites.
Get opinions.
And not just from your family and friends.
A good marketing company, with good social media skills will be able to help.

4) Strategise.
Make sure you know what your Social Media marketing plan is.
Follow it.

5) Build a relationship.
Social Media and Social Media Marketing is like a cocktail party.
It is no place for the hard sell.
Build the relationships and then reap the rewards.

There is no point in trying to build a relationship if you don't communicate.
Update, but know when to stop.
Constant updating is bad.
Stick to every two days or even once a week.