PPC (Pay Per Click) is a web marketing technique.

The principle is simple, your ad or advertisement is displayed on a site, a search engine, a directory… each time an Internet user clicks on your ad, it costs you money.

The best-known being Google AdWords, but there are also Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Facebook ads, price comparison sites, and all other private advertising agencies.

PPC limit:

Pay per click (PPC) advertising are ads placed in search engines. PPC ads appear in search engine results above organic web searches. The positioning of PPC ads is determined by a keyword bidding process. Google refers to PPCs as marketing research and their ad platforms are called AdWords.

Buying keywords is a unique form of advertising that provides immediate results. Ads that are managed properly can quickly appear on page one of the search engine, unlike an organic listing from a website which takes a long time and sometimes does not even make it to the top of the first page in the first results. Plus, announcements can be scheduled in advance and put on and take off on specific dates.