Social Media Do's and Don'ts

Using social media to market your company or brand is just one of the many ways of doing it,
but social media is a minefield of things that you should and shouldn’t do.
To help you navigate the Social media world, here are some social media do’s and don’ts:


Start with a goal in mind
» It is always best to have a clear idea of what you want your social media to do for you.
» Set some goals and work towards them.
» Having a plan will ensure that your social media strategy works.

Build a relationship
» It takes time to trust someone. Social media is not a quick fix marketing solution.
» In order to make your social media effective, you need to take the time to get to know your audience.
» Have conversations.
» Share posts that you found interesting.
» Your followers will appreciate you taking the time to engage them.

Respond to comments quickly
» Yes, even the negative ones. Especially the negative ones.
» By responding quickly to comments, your followers see that you actually do care.
» It’s all about building the relationship.
» Ignoring comments, especially negative ones, is likely to find you with very few people in your social network.

Think before you speak
» We have always been told not to talk about religion and politics at dinner parties. The same applies here.
» By posting before you think about it, you could potentially alienate or insult some of your followers.
» Take a few seconds before you click the post button and think about how what you’re saying could damage your relationships with your
» A rule of thumb when thinking about social media etiquette is this: if you wouldn’t say it in the real world, while standing on a crowded
bus, in a restaurant or a convention then don’t do it!

Personalise your brand
» People like to have conversations with someone, rather than some thing.
» The companies that do the best on social media are the ones that put a “face” to their brands.
» Make sure that your company or brand has someone or something that your followers can connect to.


Sell, sell, sell
» Social media is about being social.
» You wouldn’t walk into a party and start asking people if they’ve ever heard of your brand and why they’re not buying your product.
» It’s rude and no one will talk to you.
» The same goes on social media. Build the relationship and then sell.

Let your posts become stale
» Marketing on social media requires a little effort. You have to update your posts regularly; otherwise people don’t get to know you.
» Set aside some time at least once a week to update a status, add a link to or comment on a blog or post you find interesting.

» There is nothing more irritating than someone who posts useless information all over your newsfeed.
» Posting regularly is good, posting every 20 minutes is bad.
» People will get annoyed and leave. They’ll unfollow you, unfriend you or throw you out of their circles or networks.
» Keep your posting regular but realistic and audience friendly.

Don’t use a funny picture for your profile
» The whole point of social media marketing is to, ultimately, promote brand and company awareness.
» Using a picture of a cute kitten or an awesome car may be all good for your personal profile, but for your company, keep it professional.
» You want people to be able to find you, so using your company logo is probably the best picture.

Be boring
» Social media is about having fun.
» Don’t post your quarterly reports on your Facebook profile. Don’t tweet about your budget spend.
» Keep it entertaining and the people out there will stick around.
» Link to things that you find interesting and relevant to your company. Even better if they relate to what you’re trying to sell.

It’s easy to get in to social media, but getting it to work for you is not always that simple.
Using social media for business is about getting people to like, know and trust you.
The more you communicate and have two-way dialogue, the more you will humanize your brand and start to grow a reputation in your market.