66% of South African customers will research businesses and products online before choosing to make an offline purchase, and 40% of them will use search engines as their primary source of information. *

Want your business to be as visible as possible in search engine results pages?

There are 2 key factors to consider, on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation.

On-page Search Engine Optimisation

On-page optimisation is like having all the basics worked out for your solid business plan.

Off-page Search Engine Optimisation

Off-page optimisation is all about where you are.
Where your website ranks play a factor in who visits your website.
By combining both on- and off-page optimisation,
your website will begin to be where you want it, at the top of the organic search results.
The SEO specialists at Jasper Consultants are part of a highly trained team dedicated to marketing your business.

These are just some of the things that will be done to make your website work online.

• Link building,
• Using effective code,
• Identifying and updating keywords,
• Creating link worthy, relevant content,
• Optimising social media campaigns.