Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation - A Success Story.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the great enigmas of online marketing.
Because Google guards their algorithms so viciously it falls upon the truly dedicated and professional members of the web programming community to try to decipher the do's and don'ts of ranking your website highly.
Through trial and error, online communities and the occasional crumb that Google lets slip we have an idea of what a site's code should look like.

But far from pure science, there is an art to getting it right. Meta Names, Image Tags, Page Rank and Keyword Densities become the colours on the SEO expert's palette, HTML the canvas. And the best in the business will create a website that appeals to Google's eye in a way that Google will want to see that site on the front page.

Take as an example.
As a long standing online marketing client Yvonne was already well aware of the power of Google marketing for generating business for her company.
After meeting with a consultant she was made aware that optimising her website would kick start its climb up the Google rankings as well as driving the cost per click of her online marketing down.
Without affecting the look or feel of her site, Jacques weaved her magic on the code.
This article is written scarcely a month after completing the work and Yvonne now finds her website as ranked third by Google for “Petroleum Equipment” on a South African search. Yvonne can now sit back and watch the work flow in. She no longer has to pay Google to be seen under this very relevant search; Google is rewarding her for using Jasper Consultants.

Project 2: A leader in the plastic injection moulding industry it was very important to Fritz that they started being seen by Google as the major player that they are. Search Engine Optimisation was suggested as a cost effective way of enhancing his profile to the people that matter most; those searching for his services on Google. We got to work recoding his site and the hours of programming are already paying dividends. Fritz can now find his company on the first page of Google and, more importantly, so can prospective clients.

Let's be honest, nobody goes past the first page of Google when looking at search results. At Jasper Consultants we have been specialising in placing businesses on the front page as a Google AdWords Certified Partner. Now we have the results to prove that we can also make your website the most attractive to Google and get you the organic positionthat your company needs to be taken seriously.
Call us today and a Consultant will come and show you how Jasper Consultants can revolutionize your advertising portfolio.