Our Story

Jasper Consultants (PTY) LTD


Jasper Consultants was established in 1998 with the aim of becoming the best in the web design industry.

Providing professional and quality services where others could not.

The Team

Here at Jasper Consultants, we hire only the brightest and most qualified in their fields

to ensure they meet the high standards our clients have known and have come to expect.

Our team aims to give you the best in Graphic Design, Web Design and Online Marketing.

With our strict quality control procedure, we produce nothing but, excellent work for our clients.

With a staff complement of more than 100 employees.

Jasper Consultants is the largest online marketing and website development company in Southern Africa.

Our Reach

In 2016 Jasper Consultants opened up its first international branch in Dallas Texas USA.

In 2018 Jasper decided to look more local opening up a branch in Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal, Jasper KZN.

In 2019 after much success with Jasper KZN, Jasper Consultants decided to branch out once more and in January 2019 Jasper Cape Town was opened up.

Where we are.

Who We Are

Quality – Reliable – Effective


We aim to give each and every client our utmost excellence.

As you can see from our high review rate with over 333 reviews on google give us a total of 4,5 Stars and over 72, 5-star reviews on Hello Peter.

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At Jasper Consultants we aim to always be consistently good in our quality, performance and ability to be trusted.

With us sticking to our word and ensuring your development and marketing happen when you need it is of utmost importance to us.


At Jasper Consultants, we help you establish a strong market presence through quality web development and an effective online marketing strategy.

Our Qualifications

Besides our 21 years' experience,

Jasper is a Google Premier Partner.

What does that mean?

Being a Google premier partner means that we here at Jasper have been trained and certified by Google.

Google Partners are advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who have the knowledge to manage AdWords accounts.

All of our marketing department is fully Google certified, allowing our team to fully help you in Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping Advertising

We are Kenesis Premier Partners

This means all our Website designers have gone through an extensive training course at the Kenesis head office.

And every week have a follow up training session on all the new Kenesis updates as well as design standards training.

Why Jasper?

Our people here at Jasper Consultants, are dedicated to ensuring that you, the client, get the service that you deserve.

This is why in an industry where many companies have short life-spans,

Jasper Consultants has not only gained a foothold in the industry but has flourished and grown into

South Africa's largest Website Development and Online Marketing Company.

With our expertise in online marketing, we are not limited to local businesses.

We also design, host and market for international business.

We at Jasper Consultants are always undertaking new developments to improve and maintain the high standard of excellence that our clients have come to expect.

Jasper Consultants will continue to grow and create ways in which we can better serve our clients.

Why 97% Of Clients Choose Us:

• We have 21 years of solid SEO knowledge and experience (nobody else is SA has more experience and knowledge than us).

• We have one of the biggest dedicated SEO and Marketing Teams in SA comprise of over 10 trained and certified Google, Facebook, Instagram and Bing marketers.

• Specializing in SEO, online marketing, conversion rate optimization and Remarketing.

• Was rated Best Website Designer in Boksburg by Political Analysis

• We are super competitive with our pricing (what we do is not rocket science.)

• We love what we do and do it and us only employee like-minded individuals.