What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is the process of advertising through marketing efforts that drive traffic to a website, resulting in sales leads and direct sales via e-commerce, without being face to face.
Online marketing is any marketing that takes place on the internet.
It can take the form of email marketing campaigns, the adverts on Facebook or the Google adverts found on search results pages.

Retain. Reduce. Attract!

These are the fundamentals of advertising, the holy trinity of all marketing and specifically online marketing.
Advertising helps you retain your current clientele, reduce the loss of clients and assists in attracting new clients.
Jasper Consultants aims at increasing your leads, client base and income while decreasing the costs of advertising as a whole.

Our online marketing professionals can:

• Optimize online spending (more clicks at a lower cost)
• Target the correct audience
• Promote your website's organic rankings,
• Manage paid advertising,
• Track the performance of your ads,
• Provide ongoing adjustments to maintain and improve performance,
• Monitor your targeted keywords and recommend other keywords and
• Provide you with Return on Investment (ROI) analysis.

Other online marketing services that Jasper Consultants provides are:

• Advertising to target market segments on social media and online communities (Facebook, Google, etc.)
• The development of branded micro-sites
• Online Market Research
• Trend Analysis
• Customer Surveys
• Competitor Analysis