Graphic Design in Real Life

What is Graphic Design?
Dictionaries and text books would say; “it's the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words and concepts to convey information to a targeted audience” and, true to its description, hard to explain in words.

The truth is that Graphic Design is all around us.
From the billboards one finds on the major routes, to internal documentation and even company stationery, Logo Design and Corporate Identity development.
It encompasses a wide range of different applications to ensure that a message or brand is brought to audiences of any size, through media such as television, print and, more importantly, the Internet. It literally is everywhere we look. Good design means that a good brand is remembered.

But what relevance does Graphic Design have in the real world?
Brands such as Nike and Coca Cola speak for themselves as even a hint at their corporate identity portrays a brand that is not only well designed, but extremely well recognized.
Think of the Swish that is a trademark on any Nike product. It is an element so simple and recognizable that, even without the word ‘Nike', people from all over the world recognise it.
For the entrepreneur starting up a new business, Graphic Design has even more relevance.
For him Graphic Design is an essential tool that will make his business recognisable and stand out from the hundreds of competitors that offer exactly the same product or service.

The key to any good design is the ability to be aesthetic or functional. Within great design lies the marriage of the two. Many a designer often finds that the biggest challenge is not only to create something that is pleasing to the eye, but also has the ability to work in almost any situation, application or via any media. Finding a parallel design that meets these two criteria is what makes a good brand a great brand.

As with any industry, Graphic Design has its pitfalls, and having an experienced Graphic Designer deal with your corporate branding helps to make sure that you reach your audience with not only a recognizable message, but also to ensure that the message is targeted at a relevant market. If you are catering for corporate clientele, the last thing you need is some childish scribble or mismatched logo. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a professional companythat understands client briefs and targeted marketing, to ensure that you are, visually, a leader in your industry.

As the online world has evolved and become more and more accessible to the general public, so too has Graphic Design evolved into an online medium. More people are starting to use the internet on a day to day basis, not only to search for services and/or products out of convenience, but also to advertise. A web presence for your company is essential and a good website that is not only aesthetic, but also functional and to the point, can be a powerful tool in sourcing new clientele. As with the development of corporate identity and branding, it is important to have a professionally designed website that targets your market with relevant information. It's convenient, accessible and much more cost effective than any other means of advertising.

Good design takes time. One of the biggest pitfalls a company can stumble over, is creating a corporate identity by means of a ‘rush job'. Professional Graphic Design requires patience and dedication, not to mention relevant market research on target audiences and current trends. Companies such as Nike and Coca Cola didn't become so well known by settling for a quick fix. Time and effort were put into these brands.

A good Graphic Designer will be able to assist you within a reasonable time frame, without letting all that potential business go to waste while you wait for a logo to be designed. Professional Graphic Design companies are driven by realistic turnaround times and will inform you upfront of the relevant time constraints, while taking your deadlines seriously. Graphic Design is the visual aspect that drives your corporate identity, and requires professionals in the field to ensure that your brand is not only aesthetic, but also functional and unique.

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