Benefits of YouTube vs. Flash Videos

Everyone loves Flash.

Most people don't even know they are looking at a Flash Element, but they certainly are attractive "flashy" gimmicks on any website, and even more so as alluring video players.
But are they really a viable solution, especially in a day and age where Search Engine Optimisation is the order of the day?
Though this is universally debated by SEO Specialists and Flash Gurus, the fact remains that the end user - or viewer in our case - is the person it has the biggest effect on.

So you are browsing for some product or service, and through the blood, sweat and tears of some poor SEO Specialist, you click on the Organic Link of a potential supplier.
Not because you like the name of the company or because they are well-known, but simply because they came up on the first page of Google.
You enter the website and is suddenly aware that there is a section that is lagging or seems to be loading dramatically slow.
Most people ignore this or simply exit the page - especially if it's one of the main features of the webpage you are entering.

But why exactly is this happening?

On closer inspection you find that sometimes it is simply a Flash Element loading on the page.
Of course if you didn't have a recent version of Flash Player installed, it might not even do anything.
This is just one of the many pitfalls of utilizing Flash to run your videos.

So let's look at the Pro's of using Flash Videos:
Customizable and "flashy" looking video players that fit the theme and structure of your professionally designed website.
This adds that 'something special' to your website that creates impact and impression.

In today's ever evolving online world, one of the big names that everyone frequents, is YouTube.
We all love going on there to watch music videos, video bloggers, funny virals and practically anything you can think of.
Many people however don't realize the benefits that YouTube have to offer as part of your Online Marketing Strategy.
Since the video component is part of the "Google Experience" it will automatically be added to their search results.
Something that those Flash Gurus can only dream of.
Above this there is also the added benefit that the YouTube Player works on any browser.
Yes it can't be customized, but there is no need for the installation of software to make it function.

Let's jump into the Pro's of using YouTube Videos:
Video hosting can become expensive; YouTube eliminates this as hosting your videos with them is absolutely free of charge.
Your videos on YouTube come with their own MetaTags and therefore are added to any search results triggered by the ones on your website. In short; two relevant search results instead of one, both going to the same company - Yours!
You have access to the YouTube community. This means if your video is making some noise on YouTube it might lead to direct traffic to your website.
YouTube can be a powerful tool to brand your company, and can be accelerated by using Google Adwords to show your video to people already interested in your product using their browsing history.

Four to one.
Those are the odds stacked against you, should you choose to rather utilize Flash above YouTube.
But like anything it is a matter of perception as well as needs.
If you want something that 'pops' and gives that 'wow' effect, then Flash Videos is definitely for you, but should you wish to utilize something that is not only practical, but also adept at supporting your Online Marketing Strategy, then there is no better option than YouTube.
Not only does it cater for users of any demographic, but it also functions as an integral part of SEO, helping your website get to the front page of search engines such as Google, Bing etc.