"I just want a website that pops!" - A Web Developers Insight

Every business needs a website if they want to remain relevant, established and have an online presence.
This is why, in today's internet-driven world, the skills of web design and development alike is highly sought-after.

50% of all web design clients only know what they don't want until it is designed for them.
Most clients will say they just want a website that “pops”, or a “design that has flair and pizzazz”.
What does a website that “pops” look like though?
And how do we interpret such a vague brief and begin with the web design?

In many clients cases the website adventure is in rather unknown territory.
How then would the clients accurately communicate their design needs to a developer, and what can be expected on the journey to launching an online footprint?

The short answer is:
effective communication from both parties.
In setting all expectations upfront a site can be developed that portrays what the client wants, needs and furthermore can facilitate efficient workflow.
Your websites success is always our biggest priority.

So what does your web developer need to kick start the process?

1. We need to know who your target market is, as well as your deadline for the website
2. Your company logo, in a high res format, and any other images needed for the website
3. A brief company profile and short list of products or services offered
4. Samples of any previous design work.
A corporate identity or brochure will work wonders in guiding your developer into the corporate
feel your company hopes to achieve
5. Any websites that you really like and a quick guide explaining what you like about them, ie. navigation, colours etc.
This will give an indication as to whether you require a clean corporate feel or something a little more creative.

So, having provided your web developer with all the required information, what can you now expect?

Well if you're a little particular about the standard of your website and the image it portrays, then consider us practically obsessed with it.
That is why we approach the design of your custom website with the goal of making it professional, slick, and built to fit you and your business perfectly.
We start the design process off with a creative website design, tweaking and fine-tuning it until it is perfect.
Our team will design and craft it to our own impossibly-high levels of brilliance, working hand in hand to provide you with a website with great content, great design and great organization.
Once you give us the green light on the look and feel, we'll have your fresh, tailored website up and running in no time.

Secondly, our in-house content editor will produce first-rate, quality content that's unique and exciting to read.
We create compelling web copy that offers your site visitors information that is relevant; telling clients who you are, what you offer and ultimately how they can get in contact with you.

With your stamp of approval on each step of the way, we start constructing your website by building your pages and inserting the content.
We use the latest industry technical standards to keep your website ahead of the curve from the beginning.
When your website is completed and you are ready to show it off to the world, it is then added to South Africa's largest search engines, ready to increase sales and expose your business to thousands of new clients waiting to get in contact with you.

With quality-driven staff with years of experience in the fields of Visual Communication, Print and Multimedia.
Jasper Consultants' Design Department is geared to offer professional Graphic Design and expert advice with regards to your corporate branding and advertising requirements.

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