If a picture says a THOUSAND WORDS how many does a video?

You're still not sure that marketing video has any effectiveness for your business ... yet, many are already using it and you start to wonder if the video would not be a good tool for your marketing mix. At least you think that you should try, after consideration and with the necessary support.
If you have not already done so, you can start by reading our article " What is video marketing ", so as to define the video marketing globally.
Did you know that a video equals approximately 1.8 million words of content?
Or that 46% of Internet users watch at least one video a month with an average number of videos per person per month of 33? (And this number is increasing tremendously as time goes on)
How about the fact that 100 million people view videos online every day?
90% of online shoppers report that video used on an e-commerce site is important to decide whether to buy a product.
Today, services and products are no longer enough as consumers, prospects and customers are looking for pleasures, emotions and sensations from everything they buy. Savvy entrepreneurs have ventured full force into sensory or experiential marketing.
The consumer experience, is an interaction between an individual and a product or service that is pleasant, meaningful and memorable. No wonder then that video marketing has the wind in its sails, the sensory media par excellence that our memory is very popular with. She succeeds as much in the presentation of the product, as in the highlighting of the services attached to it, as in its capacity to create the link and the empathy.
Thus, video marketing allows, during the prospecting phase, to gain an audience; during the engagement phase, to stimulate interactions and accompany the sale with more conversion rates on the sites. Video builds loyalty and facilitates the transformation of customers into ambassadors of the brand.


1. Facilitates the understanding and memorization of messages.

The very form of video promotes thought and understanding. Its visual based and brings on the connection to real life, captive if only with the movement that keeps us in suspense and alert. The synergy through the simultaneous use of sound, text and image plays totally in its favour. If we add interactivity, 360 ° vision, stereoscopy, immersion, touch, streaming, storytelling ... it becomes unavoidable. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we imagine how much it also facilitates understanding and memorization. And they do not say: you only have to see it to believe it.

2. A powerful multi-support tool.

Another positive lies its ability to adapt to a wide variety of media and to emerge from a multitude of information. Social media and mobile make it easy to share, posts and videos can go as far as a frenzied viralality of your communication.

3. Generates trust

The empathy capital, immediate and renewable, that can generate from an image goes far beyond what a text can provide. It is therefore an undeniable tool to humanize the relationship between you and your customer. Addressing people visually with video causes striking and strong sensations, but doing it with text, does not have the same impact at all. Very often, watching a video defines better and faster your brand image.

4. Improve your SEO.

Today the demand and distribution of videos is shy rocketing and all signs are towards a strengthening of the trend. One-third of all online activities are devoted to viewing videos. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world.
As search engines focus on video in their results, using them in your site and blog posts boosts your SEO and visibility. Thus your notoriety is strengthened. According to a study by Bright cove, a video is 53 times more likely to appear in the first position on Google compared to a competitor's page of text alone.

5. Increase interest in your mailings.

The videos present in your email, in your newsletter, on your Facebook page or in your tweets, increase on average 96% the click rate of the recipients. But beware, these should be short, about a minute and the essential arguments stated at the beginning.

6. Adds new potential targets.

Video marketing, by its extreme variety, can reach very different audiences and increase the scope of your communications. To generate interest, to inform, to explain, to convince, to create a link you can use different formats, to adapt to the broadcasting medium and to your prospects and customers: "business cases", corporate film, customer interview, product videos, videos storytelling, etc. (see our article on " the different types of video marketing ")

7. Promotes the act of purchase.

In B2B, video influences the behaviour of buyers throughout the buying process:
Upstream during identification and definition of needs. For example, 24% of buyers watch video content, with only 14% going to websites of suppliers or service providers;
When looking for providers or suppliers, (44%) customers prefer to watch their videos rather than reading their e-mailings.
In B2C, videos develop business turnover. 57% of online store customers say that the video has increased their confidence in the product presented.
Video has a significant competitive advantage and boosts the conversion rate.

It's time to get back on track after this little overview of the benefits of video marketing. Tempted ... circumspect, nothing prevents you from inquiring.
If you, too, have an explanatory video project, I invite you to contact our agency to discuss coffee and concretize your approach.