Web design is defined as the art and process of creating a single web page or an entire website and may involve the look and inner workings of a website’s operations. Sometimes a web designer is the graphic designer as well and is involved in every aspect of a website, from conception to completion.

Everyone is looking for a more efficient, cost effective and self-promoting form of marketing that reaches more people, more often and enhances your company’s image. Which is why we at Jasper Consultants believe that owning a website created by our specialised team of web designers can make any company look bigger, better and brighter. Our team promises personal attention to detail and will be with you for every step of the design process.

All our websites feature fully customised designs, specifically tailored to your business. On top of good design comes good functionality; all of our clients can make use of our Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation services. When your website is completed, it is added to South Africa’s largest search engines which, in conjunction with your personalised marketing campaign, give you the best exposure possible.

In addition, with 24 hour hosting you have immediate access to your website and the ten free personalised email addresses that you can use at your own discretion. By using the web trends function, you can then monitor the amount of hits your website receives and the performance of your website. You can now actively market your website, thus increasing your global corporate profile.

Our web design team offers the following services:
  » Keyword management and meta-tag optimisation,
  » Performance enhancement of current websites,
  » Graphic design and
  » Content management.

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