Miguel de Cervantes once wrote, “To be prepared is half the victory.” Building a business to reign glory is a battle on its own, is it not?

Jasper Consultants, is here to help!

February 28th 2015 marks a glooming day for all Woza Online clients. The Website Building Company, hosted by Google, is shutting down…
For business owners with sub-domain websites on Woza Online, It’s time to face the music.  The negative impact of such happenings result in:

Even though the opportunity to retrieve photos and text from these websites before May 1st is made available, it’s a petty prize for such a great loss. So why not turn your loss into an opportunity?

Jasper Consultant is ready and willing to assist former Woza-client to rebuild their online profile and regain an even stronger online presence.
Jasper’s services include:

- Skilled SEO Services and techniques

- Unrivalled IT Services

- Specialised graphic and web design,

- Comprehensive Content Editing.

Jasper Consultants believes in your success!

Take the leap to greatness