Using social networks to market your site increases your presence on the web.
The biggest trend on the internet to date is the movement towards social media and social media marketing, where the users create content themselves. This is good news for your website because, as the internet becomes more social, search engine optimisation (SEO) will move away from matching algorithms to creating and marketing original ideas.

Social media marketing can help drive targeted traffic to your website. This happens when you create a profile page on a social media network, like Facebook. This page should have a link to your company’s website in order to garner this traffic. Users of the social network can find your page, like or friend you and then go to your site to find out more about you.

The ways in which you can use social media to create brand awareness are endless and as such, may seem daunting and confusing. A good SEO company can offer social media management. This means that they create a page for you and keep it up to date in order to effectively market your company on social media sites.

The three most well known social media networks are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Each of these offers various ways in which you can market your business. Twitter allows you to create a profile for your company and lets you ‘tweet’ updates about your company. Twitter allows for a close relationship with your followers since you will be able to respond to comments, complaints and queries in real time.

LinkedIn is a social network that connects professionals with one another. By creating an account for yourself on LinkedIn, you can spread the word about your company and reach users who work in a similar field. This allows you to learn about the latest trends in your field and to keep up with your competitors. You can also ask questions of other users and find out how they go about marketing themselves.

Facebook offers on page advertising that is targeted towards Facebook users. Facebook attempts to display ads on a user’s profile that are relevant to that user. Facebook advertisers can use information that is given to them by Facebook to create ads that target specific locations, language, demographics, etc.