Online marketing is any marketing that takes place on the internet. It can take the form of email marketing campaigns, the adverts on Facebook or the Google adverts found on search results pages.

Retain. Reduce. Attract. These are the fundamentals of advertising, the holy trinity of all marketing and specifically online marketing. Advertising helps you retain your current clientele, reduce the loss of clients and assists in attracting new clients. Jasper Consultants aims at increasing your sales, client base and income while decreasing the costs of advertising as a whole.

Our online marketing professionals can:
  » Optimize online spending (more clicks at a lower cost)
  » Target the correct audience
  » Promote your website’s organic rankings,
  » Manage paid advertising,
  » Track the performance of your ads,
  » Provide ongoing adjustments to maintain and improve performance,
  » Monitor your targeted keywords and recommend other keywords and
  » Provide you with Return on Investment (ROI) analysis.

Other online marketing services that Jasper Consultants provides are:
  » Advertising to target market segments on social media and online communities (Facebook, MySpace, Google, etc.);
  » The development of branded micro-sites;
  » Online market research, trend analysis and customer surveys;
  » Email distribution and
  » Competitor analysis.

Google AdWords is the premium online search engine advertising platform in the world and is by far the biggest in South Africa. Google AdWords appears as the ‘Sponsored Links’ on the search results page as well as on the partner content network. Pay-per-click advertising yields impressive results for companies and their websites and using Google AdWords carries rewarding benefits. Here are eight ways in which using Google AdWords as part of your online marketing strategy can benefit your business:

1) Ensure targeted traffic to your website
    By selecting the country, province or region (e.g. South Africa, Gauteng, East Rand) you ensure that you target those people you feel
    your business extends to. This gives you the opportunity to focus your business advertising in predefined areas of your choice and you
    can target specific markets only searching for your product. Your ad is geographically targeted for local and international level browsers.

2) Work within your budget.
    AdWords allows you to determine your daily budget. With a predefined and fixed monthly budget you do not need to worry about ever
    changing your online marketing and advertising costs or be concerned about overspending. Our pay-per-click ad platform gives you the
    competitive advantage.

3) Better results for the skilled advertiser.
    By making use of Jasper Consultants, you will have our highly skilled and accredited Google AdWords Professionals ensuring the
    optimal performance of your Online Marketing campaign, thus yielding you better responses and results. With our experienced
    professionals, you don’t have to guess.

4) Reaching more people more effectively.
    By expanding your presence beyond the Google search page and on to more focused websites (such as the Google content network)
    Jasper Consultants can help you reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers by managing this comprehensive online
platform. By using Google AdWords, you can be sure that your advert links directly to your website, there are no other stops
    or ads. Immediate traffic means instant gratification.

5) Reaching the right people.
    Our expert consultants will ensure that your ad campaign reaches optimal performance on the search network. By using Google’s
    contextual targeting technology, which automatically matches the ads Jasper Consultants creates to the most relevant web pages in
    the Google content network, we make sure that your sponsored link appears on the most relevant websites.

6) Keeping track of your results.
    Through various reporting and feedback mechanisms within the Google AdWords offering, Jasper Consultants is able to track real-time
    changes and trends throughout your online marketing campaign and make changes to ensure the optimal performance of your online
    marketing budget

7) Trending and keyword focused adaptability.
    By tracking the performance of keywords and trending, Jasper Consultants is able to adjust your online marketing campaign to meet
    the changes in market trends. This ensures that your online campaign changes in focus as the demand from the marketplace changes.
    These keyword test campaigns lead to maximised efficiency of your online campaign.

8) Identifying marketing traffic routes to your website.
    With advanced tracking codes embedded into your website, traffic source routes can indicate the most cost effective and active ways that
    potential customers find your website. This ensures a high return on your investment.