In recent news, Google reported that they are shutting down the Website Building Service they currently host and of which thousands is reliant.  Google reported that this action is aimed at evolving their suite of offerings for small business owners.

Those at a loss have been consolidated with the opportunity to still retrieve their images and text before May 1st and informed of the launch of Google My Business.

Google states that Google My Business is a platform that will allow users to grow online and interact with clients. However, although Google My Business makes it easier for businesses to be found on Google via computer or mobile phone and maintains your online presence, it is NOT a replacement for Woza Online.

Google my business is merely a platform where your online profile can be listed, meaning that former Woza clients, are still left the dilemma of losing their online capacities.

Jasper Consultants, a passionate Marketing Company, is taking the initiative to assist fellow businessmen in need. Jasper invites aspiring successors to divert their online marketing needs to our success-driven corporate and pursue the expansion of their online presence and marketing platforms. Specialising since 1995, Jasper Consultants has excelled in areas of,   • Graphic and Web Design   • Content Management   • Online Marketing   • And IT Services

If Woza Online left your business deprived of online presence, Jasper Consultants’ services will slice the apple, and ensure that you receive you’re part in success!

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